Investment Process

The energy transition strategy considers a broad range of carefully selected factors. These factors are systematically assessed and analyzed to identify value-creating insights. These insights are in-turn validated then selectively exploited to create investor value amid changing supply, demand and environmental conditions.

Why BP Capital?

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The BP Capital strategies invest in companies across the full spectrum of the energy supply-demand value chain which the Advisor believes are well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities related to the American Energy and Industrial Renaissance.

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Our energy investments gain a unique perspective (informational alpha) in the energy investment landscape from our affiliation with BP Capital, which manages commodity/energy equity hedge funds and holds private assets and mineral interests.

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The BP Strategies leverage insights gained through energy sector knowledge, MLP investment experience, deep relationships and trust earned over the past 60 years to create value for Clients.

BP Capital

Energy Transition Strategy Materials

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Fact Sheet
Most recent strategy returns, key statistics, exposures and holdings related data
Asset 2
Investor Presentation
Timely insight on trends and developments impacting the global energy sector
Asset 3
Performance Analytics
Comprehensive analysis of returns and various performance-related statics since inception

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