TwinLine Midstream Strategy and Process

The Strategy invests primarily in Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) involved in the transportation, storage and processing of oil and gas. Our MLP investment strategy process is optimized to discover and exploit attendant investment opportunities.

Investment Strategy

The Core Midstream Strategy seeks to preserve capital and generate sustainable income. The Strategy’s universe of companies represent pure midstream energy operating fundamentals, agnostic of legal structure.

Target Characteristics of Portfolio Holdings:

  • Preference for assets located closer to the end users of energy or “demand pull”
  • Exposed to stable, long-term energy demand growth trends in North America
  • Largely investment-grade or supported by an investment-grade sponsor
  • Assets are positioned in a way that may be difficult for competitors to replicate
  • Cash flows which grow with inflation, supported by strong counterparties
  • Strong balance sheet metrics, sufficient cash flows to support an attractive yield
  • Management teams that have demonstrated an ability to execute through cycles
  • Intrinsic value of real assets underpins equity price and capital preservation

Investment Process

The investment process considers a broad range of carefully selected macro and micro factors.

These factors are systematically assessed and analyzed to identify key insights and candidate investment strategy opportunities — which are in-turn validated then selectively exploited to create investor value amid changing supply, demand and environmental conditions.

Investment Management

The Midstream Management team possesses the experience, instincts, and access to industry leaders to identify uncommon insights and put them to work for fund investors.

Ben Cook, CFA

Ben Cook, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Toby Loftin

Toby Loftin

Managing Principal & PM

TwinLine Midstream Strategy in Action

Investment decisions for the TwinLine Midstream SMAs are made in accordance with the TwinLine Midstream Investment Strategy and process. Explore the TwinLine Midstream SMA to learn more.

Singular Focus, Multiple Investment Vehicles

We are exclusively energy-focused while offering multiple investment strategy vehicles for the individual and institutional energy investor. Our TwinLine Midstream Strategy and its associated TwinLine  Midstream SMAs present one set of options. Explore our TwinLine Energy Strategy and and view our investment vehicles to learn more.