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Separately Managed Accounts

BP Capital TwinLine Separately Managed Accounts permit client-customized access to MLP investment opportunities enabled by the TwinLine Energy and TwinLine Midstream investment strategies.

Why Choose Us?

The BP Capital TwinLine Strategies were launched to permit “twinning” alongside the investment philosophy of Boone Pickens. Much like the practice of midstream companies who lay new pipe alongside an existing pipeline in an effort to leverage existing infrastructure (a practice known as “twinning” pipe), the BP Capital TwinLine Strategies allow you to leverage the industry knowledge, investment experience, deep relationships and trust accrued over the past 60 years. Our TwinLine Separately Managed Accounts offerings were designed to offer optimal exposure to our highest conviction investment themes surrounding the American energy revolution and industrial renaissance.


The SMAs invest in companies across the full spectrum of the energy supply-demand value chain which the Advisor believes are well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities related to the American Energy and Industrial Renaissance.


Our energy investments gain a unique perspective (informational alpha) in the energy investment landscape from our affiliation with BP Capital, which manages commodity/energy equity hedge funds and holds private assets and mineral interests.


The SMAs leverage insights gained through energy sector knowledge, MLP investment experience, deep relationships and trust earned over the past 60 years to create value for Clients.

Uncommon Insights

Expore the latest energy industry thought leadership from the BP Capital Fund Advisors team.

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