BP Capital Fund Advisors

BP Capital Fund Advisors was formed in June 2013 to offer the BP Capital TwinLine Strategies, as a vehicle for “twinning” alongside the legacy of Boone Pickens, whose name is synonymous with energy investing. Our legacy is one of exclusive energy sector focus, intimate energy value chain immersion, and uncommon insights.

About BP Capital Fund Advisors

BP Capital Fund Advisors (BPCFA) is an SEC-registered RIA, led by a 9-person Texas-based team with decades of combined energy investing experience. We seek to build portfolios that preserve capital throughout the energy cycle while providing investors with exposure to the unique technologically-driven growth taking place in the United States oil and gas mutual funds industry.

We leverage BP Capital’s decades of experience in oil and gas mutual fund operations to help drive our MLP investment process in energy assets. Furthermore, we benefit from BPC’s experience as an innovator and investor seeking to stimulate domestic consumption of abundant, domestic natural gas.

BPCFA owns affiliate TriLine Index Solutions, LLC that designs passive index strategies for ETFs and serves as the Advisor to the Pickens Morningstar® Renewable Energy™ Response ETF (Ticker: RENW). RENW seeks to track the performance of the Morningstar® North America Renewable EnergyTMIndex (Ticker: MSNAREPU), which aims to provide exposure to companies in North America that are leaders in the transition to a low-carbon economy. For more information please visit www.renewableenergyetf.com.


The BP Capital team has managed billions of dollars in public and private energy investments since the 1950s. The firm’s success was built by leveraging in-house research, extensive on-the-ground operating experience, and deep relationships across the energy industry.

The pillars of the BP Capital legacy — disciplined research, domain expertise, and deep, actionable industry relationships — are embodied in our culture, people and process. Our focus is discovering energy value chain opportunities and exploiting them to create value for energy investors.


Our team consists of accomplished professionals with decades of energy value chain and MLP investment experience, plus comprehensive knowledge of how capital is deployed and leveraged in the energy sector.

Team member experience is leveraged by organizational practices that cultivate strategic foresight, ability to identify industries that will benefit from energy dynamics, and capacity to spot early movers at each inflection point of oil and gas mutual funds. Meet our team.


We believe the United States is undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation in the way it produces and uses energy as a result of new technologies that have unlocked a flood of new energy sources, leading to a technological disruption in the oil and gas industries.

We believe these new sources offer North American companies significant and lasting advantages over global competitors. We further believe that this energy transformation ushers in an American energy revolution and industrial renaissance that offers new MLP investment opportunities that the BP Capital Fund Advisors team is uniquely positioned to capitalize on. Learn more about our perspective.

Investment Strategy and Process

To capitalize on our perspective, the Accounts invest in companies across the full spectrum of the energy supply-demand value chain which the Advisor believes are well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities related to the American Energy Revolution and Industrial Renaissance.

Our multi-disciplinary, research oriented strategy framework leverages bottom-up investment selection, portfolio construction and risk management processes to identify and qualify investment opportunities across the energy supply/demand value chain. The TwinLine Energy Strategy drives TwinLine Energy SMA investment decisions, while our TwinLine Midstream Strategy provides the basis for TwinLine Midstream SMA investment decisions. Learn more about our investment strategy and process.

Investment Vehicles

The BP Capital TwinLine Separately Managed Accounts are the tangible expressions of our perspective and strategies.

Each MLP investment vehicle is crafted to provide the energy investor with multiple options for accessing investment opportunities enabled by the American Energy Revolution and Industrial Renaissance. They are, in-turn, managed to achieve distinct fund and client-specific investment objectives. Learn more about our investment vehicles.

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