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Portfolio manager Toby Loftin comments on the investment thesis of the BP Capital TwinLine Funds.



I’m Toby Loftin. I’m a member of the investment team at the BP Capital TwinLine Funds. I wanted to spend a minute today, just explaining why did we create the TwinLine Funds.

First reason was, we saw a gap in the marketplace. When you survey the landscape of mutual funds that are available that focus on energy, most of them, if not all of them, focus on the supply side, and that includes the upstream and services businesses inside the energy value chain.

But we thought it was critical to include the end user, the demand side, in the investible universe if you’re going to invest in energy, because there’s a disproportionate advantage that is being received by the end user because of the abundance of supply and lower prices domestically. So for that reason we believe that we’re differentiated and unique, and it’s served to benefit our investors.