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Six decades of experience, proven leadership and performance in the US and global energy industry.


Recognized visionaries with foresight, business acumen, and capacity to act on vision to get results.


Positioned to exploit investment opportunities presented by the American energy revolution and industrial renaissance.

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Dispatch Curve.

CIO Mark Laskin provides insight into the causes and profound impacts of the new global oil market construct.

Invest Alongside Boone Pickens

BP Capital LP was founded in 1997 by T. Boone Pickens, whose name is synonymous with energy investing. The BP Capital team has managed billions of dollars in public and private energy investments since the 1950’s, leveraging in-house research, extensive on-the-ground operating experience, and deep relationships within the energy industry that offer access to industry management teams and experts. 

BP Capital Fund Advisors was formed in June 2013 to, for the first time, offer the investing public a fund vehicle to invest alongside Boone Pickens and his team.

The two funds, the BP Capital TwinLine Energy Fund and BP Capital TwinLine MLP Fund, were designed to offer optimal exposure to our highest conviction investment themes surrounding the American energy revolution and industrial renaissance.  

The team launched the BP Capital TwinLine Funds as a mark of "twinning" alongside the legacy of T. Boone Pickens.  Much like the practice of midstream companies who lay new pipe alongside an existing pipeline in an effort to leverage existing infrastructure (a practice known as "twinning" pipe), the BP Capital TwinLine Funds will continue to leverage the industry knowledge, investment experience, deep relationships and trust earned over the past 60 years.

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